Datafeeds through affiliate networks

Companies as offer datafeeds through affiliate networks such as ShareASale
(, Datafeedr (, or Commission Junction

Datafeeds require technical knowledge

However, if you’re not yet established and making a good level of sales, you might not be authorized to use some datafeeds. In addition, datafeeds require technical know ledge to set up. If you’re not an expert, or don’t have the software required to make things easy, you might give up on this experience before getting started. That’s why you might want to check out an alternative called GoldenCAN.


GoldenCAN was the first easy-to-use datafeed site ( With GoldenCAN, you can select the products you want to display on your site and the software will return one line of code for you to copy/paste onto your site. And since this is an active datafeed, your site will be updated automatically when a merchant updates the feed.

GoldenCAN offers datafeeds for a huge variety of products and merchant s found in larger networks (ShareASale, Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc.). You must be signed up with the merchant through the network in order to use the feed, but after that, GoldenCAN makes it easy.

Helpful Plug-Ins

For eBay and Amazon affiliates several plug-ins are available that will allow you to simply add related products to your site. These include PhpBay ( )and ReviewAZON (

Stay on Topic

We’ve stated that datafeeds and store builders work in real-time and never have to be updated. However, it’s a good idea to check your site every few days to make sure everything is up and running and working as planned.

One important thing to check is that
the datafeed displays the items you requested. Bloggers should always ensure that the types of products appearing through the feed are relevant to their sites and tie in with the content.

Over time, since products can be updated or become obsolete, you must stay up to date. This is especially true for banners and text links.

Two simple ways to stay up to date are:

1. Subscribe to the merchant’s newsletter.

2. Create Google alerts for every merchant or product you sell. Google alerts enable you to subscribe to any information that Google finds for the product or merchant you select. This way you get advanced notice of new products and can prepare for the launch.

The same applies to signing up for press releases and emails from the merchant. It’s always nice to be able to ride the wave of a new, exciting product when you get advance notice and have time to prepare your site for
maximum conversions.