Do not Get De-Indexed

As search engine optimization has grown more popular, so has theuse of unethical SEO (that’s shorthand for search engineoptimization) strategies. What are these “black hat”strategies? Why are they so bad? Better yet, what can you, as aweb site owner, do to legally enhance your search engineranking? These are all questions which this newsletter willanswer. After you’ve read this, you’ll know what techniques areunderhanded and which are acceptable.

What are “Black Hat” methods?

“Black Hat” techniques are dishonest techniques that some website owners make use of to obtain their site listed on internet search engine. Theyusually make use of these strategies to obtain a high search enginelisting. Here is a list of three common “Black Hat” techniquesyou need to avoid if you wish to please internet search engine spiders.

1. Keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is the overuse of keywordsin a piece of material. Generally, this is repeating the same keywords over and over simply to achieve a higher search engineranking.

2. Invisible text.

Many affordable sites use this method, which includes making keywords in a font that is the very same coloras the background, so that readers cannot see the massive amountsof keywords, however online search engine spiders can.
These are pages that regular visitors cannotsee, however search engine spiders can. They are done to trick the search engines so that the site gets a greater ranking.

Why are “Black Hat” strategies bad?

Who desires to see a site stuffed with keywords? “Black Hat” strategies are dishonest andwrong.

Do “Black Hat” techniques work?

Yes, they do, which is why people utilize them. These techniquesonly work temporarily. Ultimately the search engine spiders catch on and your website is permanently prohibited from being noted.
This is why you need to never use “Black Hat” techniques. It maypay off for a couple of brief weeks, however it permanently hurts yoursite and its credibility on the web.

So if I can’t make use of “Black Hat” techniques, what methods can Iuse to help my website get noted high on internet search engine?

Fortunately, there are multiple strategies that you can use toget your website legitimately listed high on internet search engine. We’llgo over two such strategies today.


Previously in this newsletter, we spoke about keyword stuffing.
While keyword stuffing is a terrible thing to do, the natural useof keywords is completely great. By natural, we imply keywords thatare spread throughout a document in such a way that isn’t really outright.

How do you naturally utilize keywords in your material to benefit your site? Well, prior to you even write your material, take a few minutes to identify some keywords that are appropriate to yoursite.

As search engine optimization has actually grown more popular, so has theuse of unethical SEO (that’s shorthand for search engineoptimization) techniques. Exactly what are these “black hat”strategies?”Black Hat” strategies are unethical methods that some site owners utilize to get their site noted on search engines. They usually utilize these strategies to get a high search engine listing. “Black Hat” strategies are dishonest and wrong.

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