eBay Partner Network

eBay also has a variety of tools for affiliates to use. Here are brief descriptions of their tools, taken from their website (https://www.eBaypartnernetwork.com/files/hub/en-US/tools.html).

Here is a list of some of these helpful tools:

• Creatives — Choose from a variety of colorful graphic and interactive ads to enhance your site and attract visitors to eBay pages from your website.

• Link Generator — The link generator allows you to create a trackable link to any of the eBay Partner Network’s program pages and is great for all types of business models.

• eBay To Go (United States Only) — Showcase your favorite eBay discoveries directly on your website with eBay To Go. Use any of the widgets to easily display eBay listings, search results, or store items across the web.

• RSS — Easily generates trackable RSS feeds with dynamic eBay content that provides users with live eBay listing information.

• Custom Banner — Add a customizable flash banner with relevant, real-time eBay listings to your web site.

• Editor Kit — Add relevant, real-time eBay listings to your website or blog in just seconds. The editor kit works a lot like a datafeed (but much easier to set up).