List Building

List building marketing is a powerful tool to build a huge list for your business and if you are not using this strategy for your marketing campaign that means “you have left your money on the table”. As the saying is “The Money Is in the List” so you should start to be in touch with you audience to build a list for your business.


List Building

List building is one of the most popular strategy that helps to improve your appeal in niche market and spread your advertisement messages across numerous channels. With this marketing strategy, you will be able to gather email address, name and other contact information of your visitors to ultimately convert them into your paying customers.

List building enables you to build a high converting list of subscribers to facilitate smooth earning in the long run. This helps you to expand your business, boost brand awareness, get more qualified leads, increase close deals and establish trusted relationships.

This marketing strategy is very important for different types of businesses and marketers – small, medium or large that includes both B2B and B2C companies such as internet market, healthcare and other businesses.

As you know, Lists are the treasure of every types of businesses and online marketers. Both are always searched for advanced and creative method to keep their visitors coming to the website. They giveaway numerous stuffs to the potential customers such as free reports, FAQ, tutorials and services etc.
So keeping it in your mind, you need to be focused very carefully on your marketing strategies and you can also combine other marketing strategy such as inbound marketing, blogging, content marketing, Search engine optimization, social media, Pay-per-click marketing, Email marketing and inside sales etc. to achieve you goal with list building marketing strategy.

You should keep following those visitors who have potential interest in your product and services. Regular follow-up will capture your potential customer’s attention and redirect towards their areas of interest which have a specific value for them.

List building helps you with the following:

  • You will be able to get traffic without ads and search engine.
  • You can generate more leads for your list.
  • List building improves your conversion rates and ROI.
  • List building greatly increases the chances of close deals.
  • You can build trust in your visitors and they will come back to you.

Leads have a lifetime value until they unsubscribe or block you from their side. Thus the bigger list you have, the more chances to close a deal, so keep generating the leads and build your list.

List Building

The Power of Lists for Small Businesses

Small businesses are also using list building to expand their reach in market-place.. As being a small business owner, you should reach to your prospective customers with an individual and targeted promotions to convert them into close deals. The number of your potential customers is directly proportional to the size of your list.

List building should be your top most priority to work on while determining you marketing strategy. Generating a valuable list can be challenging for small business owner. A list has the power to become the focal point of your business. With the help of this, you can facilitate selling to your existing customers instead of searching for new. You need to discover new and powerful ways to connect and focus on creating significant relations with your customers in the long run.

You already have a list, you can segment your list and create custom list according to geographical location, demographics and type of their interest for great results. List building benefits for your small business are:

  • List building helps you to reach the perfect audience.
  • List saves your time, money and other resources.
  • You can customize your message to the correct audience to get a better return on your investment.

With list building, you will be able to get huge success in your niche market if you do it in a correct way. Here I am going to show you the strategies to empower your list building:

List Building Marketing
  • 1

    Reveal products to the new audiences with Joint Venture:

    Joint venture is one of the most effective list building marketing strategies where you advertise or promote a product and service of another party to a segment of your list. The commission is generally divided into 50/50 but some of marketers set it as high as 75%. Joint venture helps you to build a deep-rooted relationship with a specified list that have contented customers and you can sell them numerous times. It is not one-time deal when you have closed a sale and deal is completed. In real, you get a new customer that will be happy to from you again.

  • 2

    Creating Specific Videos to motivate the prospects:

    Videos are the quickest method to grab the attention of your audience. By creating short and informational video, you enable them to get complete info about your products.

Before starting with videos, you need to keep in mind the 10X10X4 content creation formula which includes:

  • 10 most general queries regarding your business and 10 prime queries you visitor can ask.
  • You can create 20 videos to solve these issues within a three minute video.
  • You can also build four more video that have the basic focus on leading prospects into your sales funnel and facilitating ultimate purchase.

You can include a link of your website with relevant keywords in the description field and create a channel on video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion etc.

  • 3

    Hosting Free Webinars Offers New Sales Opportunities

    Webinars are the best method to build interest, make secure sale and get leads for your list. With the help of webinars, you can add a punch to increase your email list which enhances your communication with customers. GoToWebinar, Anymeeting and MeetingBurner are the popular webinar services that have some pros and cons. You can include a “BUY NOW” button at end to hamper your marketing efforts.

How to make Money with List Building

List building has proven itself to be one of the best ways to make money online. By having a good e-mailing list for your business, you get ample opportunities for earning a handsome amount with optimum efforts at your end.

Nothing is important to your success than building a strong and viable mailing list. This implies much of the focus on your website should be on having people join that list. By doing this, you ensure that you are putting the efforts in the right direction for building a highly targeted subscriber list.

The following below mentioned pointers will ensure that you are able to generate a good income with the help of list building:

  • 1

    Promote a new website

    With the help of list building, you can earn money by sending them to a new website that belongs to you or your close pals. With this, you will be able to drive traffic faster and more effectively, it will drive people who are interested in what your site has to offer, and they might possibly recommend it to their network of friends.

  • 2

    Utilize affiliate marketing at its best

    Making money can also be facilitated with the best use of affiliate marketing. By choosing the best product to promote, you can send your visitors to their link, and consequently, it enables you to earn profits at your end.

  • 3

    Find targeted prospects by “CLONING” top customers

    Always keep a check on your high paying customer base. Have a look why they are buying from you and get knowledge about their preferences. Have a proper database in place so that you can slowly convert your contacts into relations and then, your relations into customers.

  • 4

    Consider your list as your source of daily bread

    Keep in mind a simple fact that your list is going to decide the success or failure of your business. You should design suitable strategies to attract them and get their attention to facilitate your business growth.

  • 5

    Ensure customer retention

    For a business to become successful, you need to retain the customers for a long time. The most difficult part of maintaining an email list is to hold on to your customer’s attention. It sounds simple but goes a long way if used correctly. Learn to device suitable strategies and give away freebies to gain their attention.

  • 6

    Enhance repeat purchases from your customers

    With the help of list building, you can enable your subscribers to buy again from you. This is facilitated because list building enables you to get in constant touch with customers. So, you can introduce new products and promote them without much efforts at your end.

  • 7

    Pre-test the message before posting

    Another great way of making money with the help of list building is to test each and every mail/ message before sending it out to your customer base. With the help of this, you ensure that there are no last minute hassles at the time of sending mails.

Keeping all the above mentioned points in mind, you can ensure that your list building efforts give you the maximum financial benefits that help you attain success in the long run.

Do’s & Don’ts of List Building

  • DO'S

  • 1

    Provide the audience with lots of opt-ins

    Just because e-mail marketing is permission based, it’s not like that you cannot go creative in your list building techniques. Do try that it is easy for your subscribers to find the link on your home page or the other web pages. Your opt-in form should be short and precise. Also use a double opt-in list so that it will ensure that your customers really want to receive your mail.

  • 2

    Use segmented e-mail list

    It’s necessary that you reach out your targeted customers. Using demographics, customers’ likes and dislikes the mailing list can be divided. This will help you in targeting customers according to their interests. Always try to communicate in a manner that appeals them. Your existing opt-in list is the best source to expand your upcoming opt-in list.

  • 3

    Consider the 4C’s

    The matter you write should be Clear, Concise, Compelling and Customer-centric. The audiences are not interested in listening to your sales pitch. They need to save time, money and effort. Your content should be short and attractive enough to convince them to sign-up and also it must be useful and beneficial so that they are ready for more.

  • 4

    Connect via other Channels

    Use all other social-media to connect with the audience. It is the fastest and easiest way to build-up your list. For e.g., using Linked in you can allow your connections to post their own links to opt-ins. Sharing your mails in the social world can be favorable.

  • 5

    Keep your list private and clean

    Your list should be free of abusive content. You should not send something that would loose your customers trust. Also never send spam mails. It implies that you should not share your list with ones who will spam your list and send trash to the clients. Your customers will become angry and and will opt to unsubscribe.

  • DON'S

  • 1

    Do not rent or purchase e-mail list

    As a responsible internet marketer you should not do this ever. To you it may seem as a time saving task but will decrease your status. Also it may happen that people won’t even open your mail. Always build your relationship from the start. Your audience should always be aware of what they are getting into.

  • 2

    Don’t forget to create a separate landing page

    a successful e-mail list building process requires a well-organized strategy. In this creating a separate landing page is one of the important task. A separate landing page should be dedicated to your Opt-in form. Promote your free product or provide with some discount offer that will benefit your customers.

  • 3

    Don’t lose patience

    List Building and management can be a time consuming task initially. But, losing patience can prove to be a bad sign for you. Once you are into this process, you will surely come up with higher opening rates and remarkable responses. With all this you will enter into healthier and a successful marketing campaign.

  • 4

    Don’t kick off the replies

    Communication is a two-way process. So never send mails using etc. It doesn’t leaves a positive impact on the customers when they open their mails and especially when you are not a very renowned organization. Always be friendly and send mails with your company name.

  • 5

    Don’t share irrelevant information

    The customers are not interested in reading what they dislike. Never show the information which is full of non-purpose ads or which is irrelevant to them. Only send the useful content to which is valuable to them so that they get attracted.

How to build a productive relationship with your list

For all businesses- small, medium or large scale, developing a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship with their list holds a great deal of relevance. It should be given apt importance because the success of a business depends to a large extent on this.

Let’s have a look at some very important points that cannot be overlooked in order to build a long relationship with your list:

  • 1

    Communicate frequently

    Your list should always get the required attention and never feel neglected. The best way to enhance their faith is to be in constant touch with them, so as to get their attention and remain fresh in their mind. Never let your image slip out from their mind.

  • 2

    Being personal

    Being personal implies giving them a touch of belongingness. This means that you need to make them feel connected to your product. Add some data about how the product can benefit them in their personal and social life, and arouse the feeling of trust in your list.

  • 3

    Cater to their requirements

    For enhancing relations with your list, most important point is that needs and requirements of your list should be given the topmost priority. Make suitable plans and policies so as to provide them with their potent and immediate requirements. Remember, customer is and always will be the king.

  • 4

    Focus on interactive communication

    Best way to build a solid relationship with your list is to have a two-way communication with them. On many occasions, people get sick and tired of receiving monotonous e-mails. So, make efforts to enhance their value by inducing new and creative ideas, and increasing their appeal in the eyes of viewers.

  • 5

    Remain informative and educational

    Keep in mind the simple fact that your e-mails need to focus on the main topic only. Being educational implies you need to provide some information of genuine worth to them. Also, it should help them in case they want to share it with their peers and colleagues.

  • 6

    Reward loyalty

    Another effective way of enhancing relationship is to reward the most loyal people in your list. Keep a track of them and allow them to get benefits for being true to you. Giving them little gifts can infuse their interest level, and foster a long time commitment with your brand.

  • 7

    Avoid excessive criticism

    Keep in mind the simple fact that mistakes are committed by humans only. In case you find some people are becoming a barrier in your way, don’t go for excessive criticism. Remember, a person lost can be a big loss in the years to come.

So, keep in mind that building healthy relationships will help you to go a long way, and will surely become the stepping stone to your success.

Successful list building secrets

List building is one of the best ways to enhance the earning potential of your business. By having a strong base of customers, you have a good chance of catering to their needs, and subsequently, earn profits in the long run. The following pointers will enable you to make list building process a success for you:

  • 1

    Make your content relevant

    The most important tool for a successful list is to give content that has utility value for the readers. One of the most important tool for high rate of attrition is that people keep on publishing without actually keeping a check on its readability. So, be precise, to the point and don’t lose out any single visitor.

  • 2

    Offer a lucrative incentive to sign-up

    A general saying in business world states that to get something, you need to give something. Keep this in mind and keep giving some benefits to them. Also, the incentive being provided should be relevant to the niche of operation. Remember, to catch the fish, you will have to offer some good bait.

  • 3

    Effective use of pop-up windows

    Pop-up windows are not the latest, but their worth in capturing the leads cannot be taken for granted. Although there are different pop-up windows available, their utilization value does not diminish with their continuous usage. However, careful analysis should be done before putting up these lead capturers. In case they are used in a wrong way, it could have dire consequences for your business.

  • 4

    Use sales letter to your benefit

    In today’s scenario of information sharing, sales letters have proved to be an easy support for your selling efforts. Businesses are actually creating a sales letter to get the attention of subscribers, and at the end of it, instead of an order button, they have a subscribe here button. If used correctly, sales letters can significantly increase your ROI.

  • 5

    Design your Swipes carefully

    Swipes, also known as short e-mails, have gained value in business industry. They have a link included that gets sent across to various subscribers. Swipes can become a great source of lead generation, but the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that they have to deliver the maximum value, using the minimum possible space available.

  • 6

    Make the best use of Auto-responders

    Auto-responders are a well-known name in the advertising industry today. Autoresponders are emails sent to subscribers automatically when triggered by certain events. Be careful to use the best auto-responders, and don’t fall prey to various free mail sending softwares that promise a lot, but seldom stand on their promise.

These points surely will prove handy for the growth of our list building activities. Make their best use and move on the path of progress.

List building facilitated with social media

Searching for new and interactive methods to build your list, you can opt for Social Media as a powerful tool. Social media is one of the prime channel to connect with your audience and boost your message to get qualified leads. To run a successful list building campaign, you need to be presentable and connect with your potential customers and give them a reason to proceed to next level.

You can also motivate your audience to share promotion messages on their timeline, pages and groups by offering them something exclusive and opportunities for co-creation/authorship. Make a careful choice of the social network, where you can state your story in the best possible manner with a compelling offer.

You can make use of refer a friend, sweepstakes, polls and voting and flash deals to gather more leads. Here are most popular social media platforms that boost your leads:

  • 1


    Facebook has the largest user database than any other social networks, so you must make your existence known there.

To generate quality leads on Facebook, you need:

  • A compelling message.
  • Eye catching visuals.
  • Mass audience appeal and share-ability.
  • A clear CTA.

Facebook news feed helps you to find out whether the post is exhibited on user’s news feed which is essential for list building. Promoted Posts can boost your list building campaign and capture your followers by using paid promotion with your top posts having a strong call to action.

Facebook Ads are highly targeted to extend you potential customer reach. If you are utilizing paid promotion and sponsored stories, you can opt for custom audiences. You can customize your audience according to email address, Facebook user ID, phone number, geo location, demographics, education and interests etc.

You can test and track your Facebook list building campaign engagement via page and post like, shares, comments and post reach. Thus you can leverage your list building campaign and increase your ROI with Facebook.

  • 2


    Twitter is a vital social media platform that helps businesses to build a list. It provide a real time engagement with your customers.

Promoted tweets is a paid advertising method that arrive in user’s feed. You can build curiosity by telling them about your new content assets, upcoming events and demos etc. Each tweet have an included opt-in form, so it enhance the chances of getting leads. You can target your tweets according to user interest, demographics, location and device etc.

Twitter also provides two types of ad options:

  • Promoted Accounts ads allows businesses to create their twitter account and register that page under the “Who to follow” to target similar advertiser and industry leaders.
  • Promoted Trends allow you to advertise a specific trend or hashtag which displays on the left side of a user’s screen, under “Trends”.

Twitter lead generation cards enable you to gather the leads directly from twitter. You can track you results to identify the opportunity to engage.

  • 3


    LinkedIn is great platform for networking to build connection and generate leads with paid promotions. LinkedIn facilitates to enhance your business connections.

Company page can tell about your product and services and business to your audience. You can modify and add tabs like “Products”, “Insights” etc. on your company page. You can daily update with a post on your Company’s LinkedIn profile. You can include video on your product pages for further engagement.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updated are paid advertising with status update. You can include and exclude your audience on the basis of geographic location, demographics, job title, skills and LinkedIn groups etc.

LinkedIn ads provide a chance to target your audience in an effective and unique way. You can customize your advertisements with text only ads, image ads and video ads. According to LinkedIn, adding an image to your ad can bring you 20% more clicks.

Some more social networks are there to help you such as – Google+, Slideshare, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc.

Power Tools to double the size of your lists

List building is an extremely powerful method to boost your customer base and add a competitive edge to your marketing strategy. To create valuable audience and business value, you need to be a little advanced with your list building efforts. Here you can check out some effective tools that will help you to grow your list:

  • 1


    LeadPages is used to build excellent landing pages for websites according to standard platform and mobile responsive with an opt-in form to get instant leads. You can also customize your landing pages in minutes without having the knowledge of programming.

LeadPages offers you a 30 days money back guarantee, so you can take a trial to identify that it is the right tool for your list building campaign. It is integrated with all types of email service provider.

LeadPages has a feature called LeadBoxes, which permits you to initiate a link that can be placed on any HMTL supported website. When visitors click on the link like an image, button and text, a pop-up window be displayed on web page.

You can turn any web page into a squeeze, sales or webinar page. It provides extremely simple split testing. LeadPages helps you with:

  • Sort conversion rate according to conversion rate to define the best one.
  • Provides a one-click facebook registration to grab more leads and makes facebook tabs mobile friendly.
  • Building your list with exit pop-ups.
  • Boost your opt-in rates by pre-populating landing page fields.
Email Listing
  • 2


    OptimizePress provides you everything you require to design your website. OptimizePress has a drag and drop real-time web page editor that empowers you to adjust your landing page and form them as you want.

You can create high converting landing pages, sales pages, secure membership portals and authority blog to improve your faith in audience. It charges $97 for their Core package, $197 for the Publisher package and $297 for Pro Package with a 30 days money back guarantee.

OptimizePress create fully responsive and mobile friendly pages without any extra work. It provides 30 web page templates and 40 custom elements to add functionality with your page.

  • 3


    You can easily turn your visitors into your subscribers by using OptinMonster. Around 70% of visitors don’t come back to your website, so you can grab these leads with attractive sign-up forms.

OptinMonster helps you to create a professional sign-up form that you can customize according to your need. You can use multiple opt-in forms on your website such as Light-box popups, sidebar widgets, pop-ins etc. You can also modify and customize your pop-ups according to page views and customer behavior to get more leads.

To boost visitor’s holdings, OptinMonster uses Exit-intent Technology. It also allows you to use A/B testing to remove guess work. You can enhance your list building marketing strategy with OptinMonster and it will improve your website insights, conversion rate, ROI and close deals.

OptinMonster pricing are $49 for basic plan, $99 for plus plan, $199 for pro plan, $499 for ultimate plan.

How to build a list with your JV partners

List building is the most important tool for boosting the success of your business. It has established itself to be the best way to remain in contact with your customer base, by capturing their contact details like mail address, contact numbers etc.

Joint ventures refer to the partners that are operating with you in the same niche. Finding them is not such a difficult task if you know how to work correctly on it. By choosing the right joint ventures, you give yourself a chance to attain success for your business growth. The main reason to participate in a joint venture is to create a long-term relationship with a list of satisfied customers to whom you can sell over a long span of time.

The right Joint Venture partnerships will help you take your list-building success to a whole new level. The basic objective should be to get in touch with the Joint Venture, and you should in no case directly promote your products to them. By doing this, you ensure that the Joint Ventures do not get a hardcore seller feeling from you, and can stay in touch with you for a longer time span.

By keeping in mind these points, you can make contact with JV’s a smooth run:

  • 1

    Purchase their products or services

    The first and foremost step to give the right impression to your JV’s is to purchase their products and to use it for your benefit. By doing this, you generate a feeling of belongingness in them, and establishes long-term relationship with them.

  • 1

    Support them on social media

    By giving your JV’s adequate support on social media spaces (where they visit most frequently), you can gain their support which proves to be of immense help for you. But, make sure that you make efforts to become a supporter, not an enemy by taking wrong decisions at your end.

  • 3

    Promote their products with full force

    Best way to gain the attention of your JV’s is to promote their products with complete importance. It should always be kept in mind that affiliate marketing is a two-way process, which enables you to earn profits only after you make efforts for others to earn too.

  • 4

    Ensure partner referrals

    Another way to ensure success with Joint Ventures is to follow the principle of referrals. In simple terms, you should reciprocate the business by referring your customers for the products of your JV’s. It will help both the marketers to make their products reach to maximum people possible.

Thus, by keeping the above mentioned pointers, you can ensure that your relationship with the Joint Ventures become a cakewalk, and the operation of your business becomes smooth as desired by you.

How to track your list building campaign

Focusing on a successful list building campaign, you need to track your marketing strategy multiple times to cognize more information. You will be unable to boost your conversion until you track your campaigns. To test and track your campaign, you need understand the idea. You need to track your programs and tactics, messages, contact frequency and spending levels to optimize your marketing strategy.

Testing and tracking can increase your ROI. By tracking your campaigns, you will be able to know which campaign bring more traffic toward your website. You can also know from where your visitors are coming to your website such as advertisement, Search engine optimization, social media, blogs etc. By adding tracking code on every page of your website, you can get to know the page visits of visitors that don’t converted into your subscribers.

Mainly you need to track for optimizing your campaign:

Number of MQLs (marketing qualified leads):

Remember the quotes “the money is in the list”, you need to add quality leads in your list and eliminate bad leads from it.

Cost per MQL (marketing qualified leads):

If you using list building for your marketing campaign. Be sure you are maximizing your leads and minimizing the cost per qualified leads.

Cost per Sales Accepted Opportunity:

Examine all the spent and resulting opportunity very carefully over a certain time period. In case you don’t get a confirm reply, check the campaign once again.

First-Touch ROI (by program):

The basic job of a list building marketer is to decide which particular campaign to be used. Your main objective should be to get the highest ROI for your business.

Multi-Touch ROI (by program):

Some programs look to be result oriented as compared to the other available. They might not give the desired output in the first impression. Be very careful in deciding which particular campaigns you need to follow. However it does not mean they will not give results in the long run. So, don’t stop using them immediately.

You need to find-out which marketing tools works best for your list building campaign. Google AdWords? Webinars? Trade shows? To find out you need to track –

Campaign Source:

You need to recognize and track your lead sources so you can optimize your ROI through your sales funnel.

Campaign Name:

It enables you to distinguish among various campaigns to test different advertisements.

Campaign Medium:

It defines the web pages or ads from where the visitors are redirected to your website such as pay-per-click, banner ad or email, search engine etc.

Tracking list history and sales funnel can optimize your business revenue. You can also test report and dashboards by having a clear idea of your funnel and stages according to leads, closed deals and revenue. You can segment your list on the basis of demographics, interest, and product to measure your success.

You can keep rectify your tactics time to time to get better result. You should measure your user responds such as automatic updates, individual manual updates and mass updates. Keep tracking your opt-in rate, unique open rate, click thorough rate, email deliver success rate, subscribers, unsubscribes and lead conversions to evaluate your list building campaign.

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