Merchant-supplied tools

Learning What Works merchant-supplied tools

As you can see, many of the advanced monetization strategies are easy to incorporate using merchant-supplied tools. Take some time testing the different advanced monetization options available to you, before you give up your AdSense ads.

By determining which method of monetization works best in your niche first, you’ll be able to compare relatively the differences among options.

Test with and without AdSense ads, and consider testing these options:

• Various ad positions.

• Different ad sizes and colors.

• Combinations of ads.

Remember, test only ONE thing at a time, otherwise your results may not be reliable. Test until you’ve had about a thousand visitors. Then change the monetization methods and see which is
more profitable.

And lastly, don’t get carried away. It’s best to have only one or two methods of monetization on a blog at one time. Any more can be distracting for the visitor. If visitors feel like they are just being sold to, they will leave a site in a minute! So be sure to provide valuable content on your site along with the datafeeds and store builders.

Some of these tools provide search engine optimization, some (as in the case of datafeeds) do not. So be sure you always add keyword specific content to  your site when using any tool.