Using eBay, Amazon, and GoldenCAN for Advanced Monetization

Leading ecommerce websites make it easy for affiliates

It’s fortunate for affiliate marketers that Amazon, eBay and GoldenCAN, leading ecommerce websites, have developed advanced tools to help market their products.

These tools are extremely easy to work with. You can add a variety of different types of product listings to blogs or websites. In addition, you can create various styles of advertising and promotions, from text links to full shops that display a range of relevant items for your niche.

Amazon Store Builder

An example of a site that uses Amazon Store Builder to add a complete line of products to a gift site. The site was easily set up in the store builder and then the code was simply copied and pasted into the gift site. After you’ve done this once, a complete store can be built in about 10 minutes.

You can see that the page offers the most popular items on the first page (including images). It also offers a search box and an option to “Browse by Category.” If you click on any image, you are taken to a page that is formatted exactly like the starting page. Here’s what you see if you click on the “Grey Arabian” link:
The user is never confused by being transferred immediately to Amazon’s site. They can add items to their shopping cart and continue shopping on YOUR site until they are ready to check out. It’s only when they click on “Proceed to Shopping Cart” That they are redirected to the Amazon site to process payment and delivery. This ensures that the affiliate makes a commission on all products ordered.

This tool uses a data feed from Amazon to display these items, which means you, the website owner, never have to update the text or images!

Amazon also offers a variety of links and banners, as well as a widget tool. All are easy to use and require
very little (if any) technical knowledge to customize. You can sign up for their program at: