What are Advanced Monetization Strategies for Blogs

AdSense easy to install

In the past, the only extra revenue an affiliate marketer could make from a blog was through running AdSense ads, which are easy to install.

You select a few options, such as color theme and preferences for text boxes or banners, and Google returns a line of code that is easily copied and pasted onto your blog. Then ads start appearing on your blog. It’s as simple as that. The ads look like they belong there, because they are relevant to your site’s topic.

Your traffic goes to your site because they are into the topic

Hence, for any targeted niche, the traffic coming to your blog is already interested in whatever is displayed in the ads. In this case, getting a lot of clicks is a good thing, as you get paid for each click on an ad, even if the visitor doesn’t subsequently buy anything.

Advance way to make money online

Today there are many advanced ways to make money with blogs. Unfortunately, too many marketers are still stuck solely in the old AdSense ad era. Advanced monetization takes your blog to the next level.

Here are just a few of the types of monetization we’ll be discussing

eBay auctions

Amazon product listings

Product data feeds

Using one of these techniques, or combining a few of them, can help improve conversions rate by:

• Giving customers a range of buying options.

• Leading customers to sites where they can buy other products, as well as the ones they are specifically interested in.

• Making your site more attractive to the casual viewer.

• Encouraging impulse buys.

• For the most part, these strategies pay much higher commissions than AdSense ads – if done correctly.

Benefits of Advanced Monetization Methods

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to offer your customers a range of targeted, complementary products that are appropriate to your niche.

Better targeting and wider selection
leads to better click-through and conversion rates. In turn, these improvements will also improve your income.

If you have a site that only includes AdSense advertising, you’re likely to get paid just a few cents for each click. Your customers may then buy from the site that paid for the advertisement. You make pennies while the merchant makes the majority of the profits.

Advanced monetization is all about taking advantage of the opportunities for you to receive a larger percentage of these sales.